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Water as a product
We offer BOO (Build Own Operate) and BOOT (Build Own Operate Transfer) programs for seawater and brackish desalination projects of at least 3,000 m3/day in potable and pure water production. The programs are designed to provide potable water production for humanitarian use or for industrial usages. The customer, usually a government entity or large industrial company, does not have to provide the substantial capital outlay normally required for such plants. The contracts are usually long-term, of 20 years or perhaps longer. Shorter term contracts usually result in a higher selling price for the water. The investors are interested in water supply projects that provide for the needs of people, protect the environment, and are good for the local economy. They also require that the selling price of the water provides an attractive profit margin in excess of the cost to produce the water. In many cases, energy supply for the desalination plant, often with contracted sale of surplus energy, may be added to these projects. Usually, land is provided by the customer. Civil works, construction, installation, intake, outfall, and product water delivery and/or distribution may be handled by either party. Of course, these things affect the water selling price.
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