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Zero liquid discharge system
The Earth as the unique human habitat (till now) is extremely precious and protecting its spectacular environment for the next generation is certain obligation of the present generation. In addition, daily population growth and highly need for new resources makes human think about reusing.
Water is considered as one of the most essential things which should be recycled and reused. There is a vast variety of water sweetening ways and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is one of them. In fact, ZLD is counted as a special technology which yields high recovery of water. Only few professional companies all around the world possess ZLD technology completely.
ZLD is defined as the total elimination of liquid waste discharge from a plant. In place of disposal, internal waste should be recycled to achieve zero output of liquid waste. ZLD can also easily be coupled with other process such as RO and MED.
Fan Niroo incorporation, the first and the greatest company which is active in water treatment industry in Iran, was determined to gain this technology by using its own employees plus doing researches and experiments. Finally, after four years of tireless efforts and theoretical and experimental analysis, it is honored to be said Fan Niroo Inc. has found ZLD technology as the first company in Iran. Consequently, Fan Niroo Inc. claims that it can compete with qualified desalination companies in constructing and operating ZLD plants.
Plants which are developed by Fan Niroo Inc., according to operating condition, are divided into two main groups; that is, single effect ZLD plants and multi-effect ZLD plants.


Fan Niroo designers by applying their own latest findings are able to solve ZLD common problems. Some of these innovations are:
  • Chemical achievements in seeded slurry pre-treatment.
  • Exclusive distributor design to make stable falling film inside tubes.
  • Specially designed pre-heating network to save energy and cost.
  • Impressive mechanical design in vibration absorption.