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Almost one quarter of the worlds population lives within less than 25 kilometers of the coast. Seawater represents 97% of the worlds water and covers 71% of earths surface. Desalination therefore presents an effective solution to the challenges of rapid population and economic growth that are leading to water shortages.

Today already about three billion people have no access to drinking water and, according to the World Water Council, the world will be about 17% short of fresh water needed to sustain the world population by 2020. Since 97% of the water on earth has accumulated in the oceans and only 0.5% of the worldwide water resources constitute of direct accessible potable water, the desalination of seawater is the main alternative to overcome water shortage. While the thermally driven multi-stage flash (MSF) process is still the most common desalination technique the membrane based reverse osmosis (RO) process has become the main competitor for large-scale seawater desalination plants. However, multi effect desalination (MED) has several advantages to other desalination technologies such as:

  • Low energy consumption (less than 1.0 kWh/m3) compared to other thermal processes
  • perates at low temperature (<70 °C) and at low concentration (<1.5) to avoid corrosion and scaling
  • Does not need pre-treatment of sea water and tolerates variations in sea water conditions
  • Highly reliable and simple to operate
  • Low maintenance cost
  • 24 hour a day continuous operation with minimum supervision
  • Can be adapted to any heat source including hot water, waste heat from power generation industrial processes or solar heating.

Fan Niroo Co. has had extensive experience of design, manufacturing and installing of Multi effect desalination all over the country. Today, Fan Niroo Co. is capable of manufacturing MED in the wide range of capacities, from 300 m m3/day to 30000 m3/day.

Efficient and safe designs, reliable warranty which Fan Niroo Co. offers to its customers and lower price of its units has made Fan Niroo. Co. one of the most successful companies in the middle east.