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Wind power is produced by using wind generators to harness the kinetic energy of wind. It is gaining worldwide popularity as a large scale energy source, although it still only provides less than one percent of global energy consumption.

Wind turbine wiring diagram

Wind Power Applications:

In the large windy areas, wind turbine could be used to produce electricity requirements of farms and houses.

In order to convert wind power to electricity, a large number of turbines are usually close to each other like as a farm of turbines that nowadays provides a large efficiency.

Wind turbines could be connected to an "ancillary power grid" or connected to a solar cell or photo-voltaic system.

Pumping water from wells and rivers, wheat mill, etc.

Generally independent turbines are used for pumping water. Wind turbine applications for water pumping are: Supplying drinking water for cattle, small-scale irrigation, and pumping from low- depth water intake for aquatic breeding.

Battery recharge.

House Heating

Wind Power Features:


Fuel (wind blast), is free of charge.

Wind power has a local resource and no need to transfer energy resource.

Wind power could be called somehow a clean-burning fuel in this technology.

Because it leaves no air contamination while consuming unlike fossil fuel power plants.

Wind power is renewable energy. So it is permanently available.

Nowadays, wind power is one of the cheapest renewable energies where every single kilowatt costs 4 to 6 cents only.

Wind turbines can be made in the farms or pastures. So it could be very beneficial in rural areas.


The initial costs of Wind energy should be competitive against conventional energies. When it comes down to capital cost, this technology is more expensive than fossil fuel power plants

The major challenge for the use of wind energy as a power resource is intermittent lack of wind and temporary availability at necessary.

Appropriate sites often are located out in the sticks and far from the cities which need electricity.

Wind resource development may compete with other land uses and other options may worth more against electricity production.

Sometimes the rotor noise of wind power plant, aesthetic concerns, and unsafe environment for birds are considered as an environment threat.

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