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Installation of MED-TVC Desalination Systems:
After the design and production of the desalination systems have been completed by Fan Niroos engineers and technicians, they will be transferred to the specific site designated by the client for the purpose of installation and operation.
Receiving the systems effects, mechanical and electrical parts and equipment, and different pipes and tubes the site, MED-TVC desalination systems will be assembled, installed and its operation started.
Operation Start up, Testing and Utilization of MED-TVC desalination Systems:

This Group with its competent engineers and technicians is capable of executing the preliminary tests (pre commissioning and commissioning), start up (reaching of the system's maximum capacity), utilization and maintenance of MED-TVC systems.

In Fact, this company presently is involved in the execution of few these projects simultaneously.

System Control and Monitoring of MED_TVC systems:
To utilize and operate MED desalination system, system control and monitoring is needed. Control and area of operation, as well as how MED systems are operating is accomplished through PLC system, and monitoring is done in the control room on one or few computers. This system is designed by Fan Niroo Groups electrical and exact instrumentation specialists using specific softwares.
After Sale Services & Spare Parts:
Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of MED-TVC Desalination System:
In order to maintain MED-TVC systems optimally, all pieces, instrumentation, and mechanical as well as electrical equipment must be checked and tested regularly.
To prevent the formation of hard precipitants and/or erosion of the metal pieces, Fan Niroos skilled technicians will use particular acids with correct concentration to remove the precipitants from pipes, tubes, and internal parts and pieces.
In this way, the efficiency of the MED systems will be kept high, health and normal operation of the system will be maintained.
In addition, these technicians can not only maintain all different parts, instruments and mechanical and electrical units, but also repair and perform retuning as well as eliminate all potential problems while the system is utilized.