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Fan Niroos Subsidiaries
Since Fan Niroo Co. has been founded, the installation and after the sale services units have been most valuable components of this company. To this end, and in accord with the long term goals of Fan Niroo group of companies, based on reaching independence in the field of desalination, this group has founded the Fan Jooyan Pars Niroo Engineering Co.(from here on referred to as Fan Jooyan) in 2007.
With competent manageme
t and qualified personnel, this subsidiary company has made extraordinary advancements in the fields of installation, start up, operation, utilization, maintenance, improvement and repair of desalination systems, design and production of control systems and sub systems, production of industrial pieces and spare parts, after the sale services such as brochures and operational manuals and training.
In addition to services provided to the Fan Niroo manufactured systems Fan Jooyan has been successful in the repair and improvement of a few desalination systems manufactured by other companies.