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The RO process use hydraulic pressure to force pure water from saline feed water through a semi permeable membrane. Reverse Osmosis technology can be used for desalinating both seawater and brackish water.

The applications for RO are numerous and varied, and include desalination of seawater or brackish water for drinking purposes, wastewater recovery, food and beverage processing, biomedical separations, purification of home drinking water and industrial process water.

Also, RO is often used in the production of ultra pure water for use in the semiconductor industry, power industry (boiler feed water), and medical/laboratory applications.


1- Low energy consumption

2- Low operation temperature

3- High salt rejection characteristics

4- Highly safety

5- Low operating cost

6- Easy maintenance and repair

7- Wide range of product quality

8- Wide range of capacity variation

9- Consistent with environmental conditions

10- Ability to remove organics and microorganisms from the feed water

Our RO units Include:

1-Membranes: TFC Brackish or Sea Water

2-Prefilter Housing: 304SS 5 and 10 Micron Cartridges

3-Grundfos 304 SS Pump w/TEFC Motor

4-FRP or stainless steel Pressure Vessels

5-Automatic Inlet Feed water Valve

6-316SS High Pressure Valves (Concentrate, Pump Throttle)

7-Low Pressure Switch

8-High Pressure Switch

9-Flow Meters: Concentrate & Permeate (Digital)


11- Pressure Gauges: 4" Dia., 316SS, Pre & Post-filter, Pump Discharge, Interstate, Concentrate & Permeate