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Mirab Desalination Quarterly is published with the remembrance of Water Lord, his holiness Abolfazl Abbas (peace be upon him), and the main scope of desalination family connections among manufacturers, end users, owners, custodians, and desalination water industry politicians. Mirab Quarterly has published desalination technologies world news since 2006. This quarterly is compiled by the effort of some experts of Fan Niroo Company. Mirab’s mission is publicizing global water industry news specifically water desalination industries to develop desalination technologies. Regarding this mission, Mirab’s visions are:
•  Utilizing water desalination technologies
•  Introducing various desalination plants to decision makers
•  Presenting technical and economical issues
•  Assisting in the formation of effective organizations in this industry and establishing national and regional desalination associations
•  Getting familiar with the active desalination companies and expanding impressive connections among them
•  Publicizing desalination world news specially Middle East and Iran news
•  Targeting the state activities in macro level decision making
•  Remarking the importance of consulting in this industry
In this regard, Mirab’s readers would be senior managers of oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, environment, water recycling and related industries, deputies, consultants, engineers, professors, and university officials.
Mirab Desalination Quarterly consists of the following different sections:
•  Internal Features: latest important events and water desalination tenders of Iran
•  Global Features: the last 3 months events of desalination technology promotions around the world
•  Report: studying on various desalination technologies, their improvements and challenges
•  Article: providing R&D achievements on desalination technical knowledge, improvements and solutions
•  Desal tops: introducing the largest water desalination facilities around the world
•  Glossary: providing desalination terminologies
•  Outlook: providing statistics and diagrams on desalination strategies and main decisions
•  Eyelet: photographic report on internal and global events of the past 3 months