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Follow the 2decades of our company`s history through the images below.
Company History

Establishment of “Fan Niroo”-1992
Fan Niroo Company as a private Company was established in 1992 started its activities covering design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of Multi-Effect Desalination systems.
Acquirement of Knowhow of MED-TVC Desalination Design by Fan Niroo’s Expert R&D Activities-1992
Signing First Project -1996
Fan Niroo Signs its first EPC Contract for 1000 m3/day MED-TVC with Kharg Petrochemical Co.
Operation of First Project-1998
Operation of First Desalination Package Designed & Manufactured by Iranian Experts
MED-TVC desalination unit with 1000 m3/day for Kharg petrochemical Company in Kharg Island.
Building First Factory-1999
Complete the Construction work of the #4 Shop in Boeein Zahra
“Mellat Trading” Company joint to Fan Niroo Co.-2000
To strengthen its financial support, Fan Niroo has a close working relationship with the Mellat Trading Company. Mellat Company is one of the most prominent companies in the field of finance and business. It is also one of the most successful companies in the area of export and import of industrial goods and materials in Iran. Our partnership with Mellat Company has enabled us to have fast and reliable financial transactions. Furthermore, through this partnership, we have been capable of overtaking numerous domestic projects in many remote areas where fresh water is indeed lacking
Building second  Factory-2005
Complete the Construction work of the #1 Shop (main factory of group) Parand Industrial state
Join with IDA
Fan Niroo join with International Desalination Association (IDA)
Fan Niroo Published First Issue of Mirab (Desalination Magazine)-2006
Mirab Desalination Quarterly is published with the remembrance of Water Lord, his holiness Abolfazl Abbas (peace be upon him), and the main scope of desalination family connections among manufacturers, end users, owners, custodians, and desalination water industry politicians. Mirab Quarterly has published desalination technologies world news since 2006. This quarterly is compiled by the effort of some experts of Fan Niroo Company. Mirab’s mission is publicizing global water industry news specifically water desalination industries to develop desalination technologies.
Building third Factory-2007
Complete the Construction work of the #2 Factory near the #1 Factory in Parand Industrial state
“Fan Jooyan Pars Niroo” Co Established as affiliate Company of Fan Niroo-2007
Fan Niroo's job doesn't stop at system manufacturing and installation. We offer our clients a variety of value added services. From supplying spare parts to overhauling & scheduled maintenance, we focus on aiding plant personnel and end user organizations in getting the most out of their desalination system, Fan Jooyan Pars Niroo established for this reason. 
PetoA1 Co. Established as affiliate Company of Fan Niroo-2007
Cooperative company of Group Personnel’s Established for Construction Activities-2007
Building fourth Factory-2008
Complete the Construction work of the #3 Factory near the #1 & #2 Factory in Parand Industrial state
“Avin Palayesh Niroo” Established as affiliate Company of Fan Niroo-2008
APNCO activates in consulting, design, construction, installation and operation of water treatment systems such as reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF) and Ultrafiltration (UF) systems, benefiting from the proficient engineers, special membrane laboratory, and research and development department.
Win award of the Best paper presentation in IDA conference In Dubai-2009
Unicore” Co Established as Joint Company of Group in Oman-2009
Installation of the largest MED-TVC Desalination-2013
Installation of the largest MED-TVC Desalination unit (7500 m3/d) manufactured by Fanniroo is finished in Mobin Petrochemical Complex. Pre-commissioning is started and it's scheduled the unit to be commissioned before end of January 2013