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Membrane desalination technologies have been known to be an efficient method in water purification industry for many years and are developing at a significant pace.

The technology improvement in reducing energy consumption and solving the biofouling problem has been substantial.

The NF/RO systems produce various types of water in a wide range of capacity and raw water quality. This is a unique advantage of NF/RO systems. The most common brackish and seawater desalination technology today is NF/RO systems.

NF/RO Membrane System Applications

Potable water production from brackish and seawater.

Industrial water for boilers, cooling towers, electronic parts production, laboratory, etc.

Producing the water required for oil and petrochemical, mining, and chemical industries.

Ultrapure water for pharmaceutical industries.

Agricultural water production and wastewater reuse.

Pretreatment for EDI and ion exchange systems.

Acids and metals recovery.

NF/RO Membrane System Features

Full removal of hardness.

Ion removal over 99%.

Full removal of bacteria, viruses, etc.

Lower finished costs.

Fewer footprints.

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